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Natura electric radiator by Creative Radiators

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Distinguished by the linearity and simplicity of it's forms and enhanced by the chosen colour, the Marmo radiator is made in six different sizes and wattage output, with a smooth, customisable surface finish.

The rustic element which fits perfectly in any environment, Pietra evokes both natural and modern sentiments. The design enhances the irregular surface of stone, which emphasises the low-relief effect.

A charm of the past, a unique texture which reproduces the elegance of the fabric. A designer radiator suitable for any environment, from the latest vogue to the quintessential classic.

Representing the trunk of the Ginko tree, a species which has survived for over 350 million years. Like the essence by which it's inspired, Natura reflects in its naturalness and eco-compatibilty.
An outline of curves reminiscent of the classic shapes of heating units, but revisited and redesigned with a hint of modern flair. Curva is a clean design that gives an effect of lightness.

A new form of Electric Heating.

Made in Italy

Prodotto in Italia

Creative Radiators mission is to enhance our customer’s wellbeing by providing healthy heat for the environment of their homes. The comfort and quality of their lives are the goal of our passion.

Creative Radiators combine the noble material marble, with new technologically advanced production processes, enabling infinite architectural design possibilities, whilst always respecting indissoluble, environmental values. It is now obvious that only a sustainable philosophy and responsible conduct will allow us to preserve resources for future generations.

Design works best when driven by a purpose.

This is what we believe at Creative Radiators, and by combining the creativity, innovation and commitment which has always distinguished ‘Made in Italy’ products, this is what we achieve.

Natural, radiant heating beautifully designed to deliver aesthetics, comfort, and efficiency.
Creative Radiators provide comfy intelligent heating for a modern lifestyle

Five Reasons To Choose

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Sustainable Technology

Creative Radiators marble powder radiators are the product of exclusive manufacturing processes and dedicated heating patented systems.

Energy Efficiency

Creative Radiators have designed their products to be used with renewable energy, and a free, intelligent wifi smart control App, to remotely manage your electric heating schedule.

Health & Well Being

Creative Radiators exploit radiant heat technology. Using the principles of radiant heat to transfer energy from an emitting heat source to an object, heat is distributed evenly and uniformly.

Aesthetics & Functionality

The added value of Creative Radiators is the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and craft details where the skilled hands of our craftsmen mould the shapes with attentive passion.

Simplicity of Application

Creative Radiators heating products can be used in any type of environment and due to their high degree of humidity resistance (IPX4 protection), they can also be used in bathrooms.