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Life-Cycle Thinking

Sustainability is the purpose and meaning of the Creative Radiators range. Our electric heating products must fulfil their required purpose in the most energy-efficient manner and are produced always respecting the environment and drawing on a Circular Economy (CE), maintaining products, components & materials at their highest utility and value at all times and distinguishing between technical and biological cycles.

To maximise the potential of every element that goes into our Radiant Heaters, we believe in positive consideration of our impact on our children’s planet.

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Creative Radiators

Sustainable Technology

Creative Radiators in marble powder are the product of exclusive Craft manufacturing processes and dedicated exclusive patented systems.

Creative Radiators are made from marble cutting dust

Marble Powder

Creative Radiators products are forged from 100% recycled marble, and produced using an environmentally friendly ‘cold’ technology.

The marble powders, a natural by-product of the cutting process, are agglomerated using only cold water and special thickeners. They are hand-cast in moulds and left in test for at least four days in order to separate the moisture from the marble agglomerate. A protective powerful coating is then applied with water-based, environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable products.

At the end of their life-cycle, after separating the marble from the heating elements, the CreativeRads radiant panels are crushed to powder by mechanical compression and 100% recycled to be re-used in any other applications. This creates materials capable of regenerating themselves and because the process of manufacturing is performed at low temperature, the amount of energy used is minimal.

These marble radiators are a combination of both form and function, delivering a revolutionary creation; sustainable and efficient bespoke functional art. Our designer radiators are made to the highest standards and all come with a 5-year guarantee.

Creative Radiators

Energy Efficiency

Creative Radiators has designed it's heating products to be used with renewable energy.

Creative Radiators are designed to use renewable energy

Heating powered by Renewable Energy

By converting the sun’s radiation into usable electricity, a PhotoVoltaic (PV) system allows the CreativeRads radiant panels to produce heat at zero cost. The hybrid and electric versions have cable access to clean, cost-free energy produced by PV systems, which can be accumulated during the day and slowly released in the evening.

In addition to being able to use self-produced energy, they are also equipped with an intelligent thermostat that can be programmed weekly and daily. This function allows you to adjust the temperature according to your living comfort, avoiding unnecessary waste in low-consumption periods.

European Normative (EN) standards, including but not limited to:

  • BS EN60335-1:2012
  • EN60335-2-30:2009 +A11:2012
  • EN60675:1995+A1:1998
  • CDC LCIE No 103-13E:2013
  • EN62233:2008

Furthermore, all Creative Radiators products are entirely compliant with:

  • Eco-design Lot 20 legislation 2016/2018
  • Fully accredited to new UKCA mark
  • New Building Regs Part L1 – L2a compliance (requirement to have a minimum of 2 zones programmed for the property to ensure energy efficiency).
  • New Legislation EN BS 60335 – 1:2012 Acoustic & visual signal for the hearing & sight impaired when switching on & off.

Creative Radiators

Health & Well Being

Creative Radiators exploit radiant heat technology. Using the principles of radiant heat to transfer energy from an emitting heat source to an object, healthy heat is distributed evenly and uniformly.

Creative Radiators emit radiant heat for your health and well being

Radiant Heat

Like the so-called “Stone Effect”, which allows the rapid accumulation of heat and then releases it softly through the inertia of the material of which it is composed. Sensors embedded in the panel control the correct temperature distribution and ensure the best conditions for producing healthy radiant heat. It creates comfy temperatures at the source and by working in this way energy is conserved, heats rapidly and then releases it slowly. Temperatures sensors within the stone control the correct heat distribution to ensure maximum comfort with minimum energy.

Creative Radiators are also a powerful ally against allergies. Traditional “radiators” transfer heat by convection, causing the circulation of air from lower to upper areas of the room. This process facilitates the movement of dust, mould, bacteria and dust mites, promoting the onset of allergies in sensitive people. By transferring heat directly from the surface by radiation without convection, Creative Radiators do not move any dust, keeping the air clean. Furthermore, radiant heat delivers warmth and comfort directly, just like the sun. The temperature is uniform across the entire radiator surface and is transferred directly to the room. An even, uniform  temperature in the room and a sensation of well-being.

Creative Radiators

Aesthetics & Functionality

The added value of Creative Radiators is the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and Artisanal detail, where the skilled hands of our craftsmen mould the shapes and decorations with attentive passion.

Veneziano bespoke, designer radiators handmade by artisan . jpg

Intelligent decorative Design

Creative Radiators ranges are created with sober and linear designs, giving your walls a hint of modernism with discretion. They can be used as a decorative element if placed in the foreground or can be hidden in the environment due to their discrete but intelligent appearance. In fact it’s technology, in addition to adjusting the amount of heat necessary for each individual room in a silent way, drastically reduces consumption in unused rooms and bedrooms in “Night Eco Mode”.

Creative Radiators can be controlled with our innovative, wi-fi wireless control. The thermostat regulates and manages the temperature via Wi-Fi and can be programmed via any smartphone or tablet.

Reconciling aesthetic and purity, shape and volume, visibility and discretion, they can be personalised in a variety of colours, forms  and finishes.

Creative Radiators

Simplicity of Application

Creative Radiators heating products can be used in any type of environment and because they have a high degree of strength and resistance to humidity; with IPX4 protection they can also be used in bathrooms.

Creative Radiators Italian Designer Towel Radiators

Any Environment

In the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room and even the cellar, Creative Radiators are an indispensable presence.

An image of your choice can be printed on the radiator’s surface; this makes it possible to transform the radiator into a picture, an element that combines the heating function with design. Attention to the environment and sustainability are the principles on which Creative Radiators entire philosophy is based. This is also reflected in the materials used to customise the panels. The colours are water based, fixed with bio-compatible UV rays and free of fumes. In addition, installing a Creative Radiator has never been so easy…  all it takes is to insert a plug to the prewired radiator; it’s fixed to the wall with provided brackets and hooks fixing.

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