Are vertical designer radiators any good?

Vertical designer radiators (also known as ‘column radiators’) are selling fast into new-build, modern homes because of their stylish looks that take up minimal wall space while emitting a highly efficient level of heat that is proving to use up to 30% less energy in an average household. Our vertical radiators are fully compliant with Eco-Design LOT 20 energy efficiency regulations.

Where to Find decorative vertical radiators

If you want more than just a white metal column radiator, then Creative Radiators based in Thetford, Norfolk UK is the place to find a big selection of vertical designer radiators that are affordable, efficient and guaranteed for ten years. Whether you need a contemporary modern shape or a traditional or ‘retro’ style, we have 26 different colours that will blend or accent with your colour scheme to create the perfect complement to your interior design.

Creative Radiators decorative Vertical radiators install in a bathroom
Vertical Designer Radiators by Creative Radiators UK

Can I replace an old gas fire with a column radiator?

Yes, you don’t need to replace your whole system, using just one vertical radiator in a cold bedroom, or bathroom, or sitting room, can avoid firing up your entire 35 kw central heating system for the cooler days in spring and autumn. When it is really cold in winter months, you can use it to boost the warmth in the room, as it will turn off automatically as soon as the room reaches the temperature you have set. 

Are column radiators better than panel radiators?

The efficiency of a vertical radiator depends on its internal manufacture, and not just on its size and shape. Creative Radiators are all Italian made high output, Thermodynamic radiant heat construction with a CE, ecodesign mark and guaranteed maintenance-free for at least ten years. There is a massive variety of colour and styles to choose from, but the size will be dependant on the room size and your existing heating in the room. All our electric radiators come complete with all fittings ready to hang on the wall, we even include the screws for the brackets. All you need is a drill and 4 raw plugs. 

Do vertical radiators give out more heat?

The heat output depends on the size of each radiator, and this will be calculated for you by one of our expert team. Just tell us your room size, building specifications, area and if you have any existing heating that will remain in use, and we will calculate the exact size you need to heat each room to your comfort temperature, and we use 21.5 degrees as an average temperature. This means you can control it to provide more or less heat, as you choose, where and as the weather and your family members require. 

What are the most efficient column radiators?

Any electric radiator that complies with the Eco Design Lot 20 regulation is automatically the most efficient you can buy. All of our ranges are fully compliant, and the i-Sense range was designed specifically to meet and surpass the key principles of Eco-Design (2018). This means buying any of our creative radiators will give homeowners vastly superior integrated intelligent electric heating control functions, compliant with (and in most categories, exceeding) the requirements of Lot 20.

How much do designer radiators cost ?

That depends on the size of radiator you need. The size is determined by the room size and a calculation of BTUs tells us which size you need to heat each particular room. This choice can also be made using 2 or 3 radiators in smaller sizes, but we will do all the calculations for you, leaving you to choose the colours and style you prefer. prices start at £590

decorative electric radiators By Creative Radiators
column electric radiators

Are Smart Controls extra?  

No, all of our creative vertical radiators can be controlled from your Smartphone, iPad, and computer via an App. They also have a built-in wireless programmer that connects to your Wi-Fi and a dashboard on a secure cloud-based system gives you real-time energy efficiency information online or via the App. The creative radiators advanced technology enables each radiator to learn your usual behaviour (off and on times) and can detect when no one is home and switch off. This will save wasted energy, save money and give you total control of every room separately.

Please contact us directly on 0843 2896967 or drop us a line via our contact page and we will guide you with our stunning range of Vertical Designer Radiators, column radiator.

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