Artist competition – Bespoke Art Radiators

Calling all Artists! Amateur or Professional to Shape the future of Decorative Radiators. We are looking for artists to create a new range of fabulous and exciting Bespoke Art Radiators for the UK and Europe markets.

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This free competition presents a unique chance to get your Limited edition of Decorative Radiators (with commission) in front of some of the world’s best architects and home builders. 

Bespoke electric radiators, ricardo Amore 1200w
Bespoke Art Radiators | Decorative Radiators

Limited edition of Decorative Radiators

Radiators DON’T need to be plain white and boring. They can easily be colourful and artistic. The problem is that manufacturers are not artists, so while we make efficient, carbon neutral radiators that use green renewable energy sources, we need some help to make them vibrant, exciting, and NOW! 

We are all searching for something different, with an abstract silhouette, perhaps more decorative, modern, vertical or just unique, that’s where your talent come in… the competition is Europe-wide, to find a winning Artist who will design the imagery of a new Custom Colour Radiators range, which will be sold into Penthouses, Galleries, and homes to bring Art and function together in a similar way to the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movement.  These styles mixed form and function and started a movement that expanded into décor, accessories, and fashion. 

Start a new GREEN trend! Custom bespoke Radiators  

What is the emerging style? Send us an image, a drawing, a picture that you think will transform an otherwise dull radiator into something worth looking at, giving enjoyment, and bringing art out of the galleries, and back into everyday life – where it should be.  Here’s what to do.

Call for entries for lovers of photography, design, sculpture, painting worldwide, the finalists to show at an Italian, British, French Art galleries. We are online with the first MyRADIART contest, THE FIRST CONTEST FOR ARTISTS AND CREATIVES. Colour, paint, or sculpt into a particular shape our radiators with your creativity.

To participate:

Get inspired by the page:  Then:

1. Follow us on Instagram   and / or Facebook 

2. Share the creative who inspires you in your works in your stories / profile and tag creative radiators using the hashtag #creativeradiators

3. Create a two-dimensional work of 55 x 110 cm format, or three-dimensional  work of 55 x 110 x 6 cm format (vertically or horizontally) that will decorate a Marmo Electric Radiators.

4. Send a photo / file of the project by email by 31/06/21 with the subject “MyRADIART contest”; enter your presentation and describe the work (including title and technique used, any link to the website, social page, email, or other links to find you)

5. The image, in order to be printed on our radiator, must have a minimum resolution of 400 DPI.

Limited edition of Designer Radiators

Then the skilled hands of our craftsmen will mould your ideas into the shapes (55 x 110 x 6 cm format) with attentive passion and create your made to specifications Limited edition of Designer Radiators range, a must-have addition to any room. Creative Radiators will promote the winner talented Artist with a dedicated limited edition collection of bespoke radiators throughout Europe point of sale.

Golden Seascape bespoke creative radiators by Ricardo Amore
Limited edition of Designer Radiators

No Entry Fee
Free to enter competition focusing on art, 3 finalists will be selected by public vote – please feel free to call us on 01842 338319 or email  for all the details, rules and discuss your application on ZOOM. Good Luck.

Creative Radiators Team.

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