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Smart Electric Radiators


Characterised by the linearity and simplicity of the shapes, enhanced by the purity of the chosen colour. Marmo smart electric radiators are made in six different outputs and sizes with a fully-customisable smooth surface finish. Marmo can be also fitted with beautiful hidden LED lighting.

Marmo smart electric radiators are controlled using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth by our intuitive heating app to optimise the energy efficiency of your heating schedules. Available in six different outputs with a smooth surface, they can also be fitted with hidden LED lights, are suitable for any room and can also be customised using a great selection of available colours.

Beautiful Works of Art Made from Living Marble

Childrens electric radiator by Creative Radiators

Imagine a work of art on your wall

Any image can be printed or painted  on our Smart Electric Radiators upon request, meaning it can truly be a work of art in your room! Discover our MIOMAARMO Bespoke Radiators range.

Creative Radiators are fully customisable heating products that will give your home a unique touch. An image of your choice can be printed on the smart radiator’s surface, making it possible to transform a radiant panel into a painting – a decorative element that combines the heating function with stunning design. Send us a picture, you can have your own customised bespoke radiator to match with your furnishings or even your wallpaper.

All our range of smart radiators are user-friendly offering WiFi, or Bluetooth control that integrates with your routine, easy and fast to install which means minimal installation costs and of course, no need for pipework or gas.

Attention to the environment and sustainability are the principles on which Creative Radiators entire philosophy is based. This is also reflected in the materials used to customise the panels. The colours are water-based, fixed with bio-compatible UV rays and free of fumes. Creative Radiators can be used as a decorative element if placed in a visible position or can be hidden in the environment due to their discrete presence.

Technical Data

Marmo Radiators


Creative Radiator Dimensions for Marmo Pietra and Tocco

Sizes (cm) & Output


Available in the following standard colours:



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