Modern Designer Radiators in the UK.

Designer electric radiators can now provide every homeowner with high performance, smart and intelligent controls, using minimum energy and with maximum style and good looks from a small family home to a luxury penthouse apartment. 

In 2021, Creative Radiators Electric Heating is now the goose that lays the golden egg and here is why: 

Sustainable and circular economy manufacture.

Creative Radiators are a real pioneer in the manufacture of designer bespoke radiators, using only natural materials for an increasingly environmentally conscious world, and providing an antidote to those old fashioned, ugly, and non-eco-friendly storage heaters.  Using a Patented radiant technology in every radiator, this will give every household a minimum reduction of 30% in electric heating operating costs while also ensuring a sustainable and positive climate impact through CO2 reduction.

Using recycled source marble materials in zero carbon and carbon neutral processes of manufacture. No more fossil fuels kicking out pure carbon-monoxide fumes into the street to poison your children, the birds and wildlife and our vulnerable older generation. No more 35 Kw boilers chugging and pumping hot water under your floors, wasting energy before it even reaches your radiators, and no more gas safety worries, boiler services, repairs, leaks, and call outs. In fact, no repairs or maintenance at all – unless of course, your pet elephant sits on it! 

Creative Radiators are made from marble cutting dust
Sustainable and circular economy manufacture.

Do designer radiators give good heat?

Maximum heat efficiency using low-cost green energy sources. Many homes now run their electric heating from rooftop solar panels, benefitting from totally free energy- even when the teenagers are constantly in the shower and when Granny visits for the week, requiring sauna temperatures in her bedroom during daylight hours. Of course, the hot water heater will only use energy when the tap is turned and does not need an enormous 300-litre tank of water to be kept heated in an upstairs cupboard.  There is no point reducing the amount of water you boil in the kettle for a cup of tea if you are permanently heating 300 litres of water in the airing cupboard, in case anyone wants a bath!  Our Designer electric radiators do not use ANY hot water AT ALL. just a very clever and fast Thermo mat heating element in each designer radiator – the most scientifically efficient heat-conducting material. 

Which electric radiators are the most efficient?

Compliance with worldwide Eco-design and energy performance legislation is a must.

“Lot 20”- Eco Design is the gold standard of energy efficiency compliance, for sustainability and ecologically friendly design with highly effective heat conductors and superior heat retention, so your rooms remain warm, long after they have switched off. Lot 20 is the keystone of the new Eco-design legislation, from the EU which affects electric space heating. “From January 2018, all local space heaters manufactured for sale in the EU, which use electricity, gaseous or liquid fuels, will have to comply with a minimum efficiency standard under Lot 20 of the Energy Efficiency Directive”. Compliant with ALL gold standards of regulation and legislation in the UK, Europe, and the world, all advertisements in the commercial media must clearly show the energy efficiency rating of the appliance.

Marmo electric radiators with IPX4 rating can be used in the bathroom
“Lot 20” Eco Design is the gold standard of energy efficiency compliance,

Are modern radiators better than old ones?
Smart intelligent heating control is a must.

By incorporating these intelligent electronic thermostats, to reduce wasted energy and lower your heating costs. Just log in to your secure cloud-based dashboard, understand the rooms you use on which days, from the presence of movement, as well as knowing when you have left the door or window open, from the speed of temperature drop, causing the radiators to switch off immediately, to prevent energy wastage, and then to report back on how efficiently you have used energy over the past week or month; giving suggestions that will save wasted on-times, temperatures when no one is home, and of times, that allow the slow cool which is energy free. You do not buy a dog and bark at the door yourself, so just let the space-age intelligent controls reduce your heating bills for you! 

Creative Radiators designer radiators wifi ECODESIGN thermostat
Smart intelligent heating controls.

Decorative radiators with beauty and style.

A combination of the very best in functionality with a huge choice of shape, colour, and texture, provides every home with an almost unique collection of designer radiators, selected for each room, not only by its size, colour, and shape, but also by its position on the wall as a statement feature, like an expensive piece of modern art, or a slimline electric radiator that blends into the decoration. Vertical and horizontal choices are both equally as efficient, as neither of them needs to have water pumped through them. The advanced Thermo mat delivers radiant heat directly to your body (like the sun) and not an old-style convection method (blasting heat upwards to cool and then repeat).  

Decorative Vertical electric radiators

A vertical radiator is a definite feature piece in a lounge, kitchen, living room or other living space, utilising a much smaller wall space, that can then be used for cupboards or furniture. Designer vertical radiators (sometimes also called electric column radiators) make a bold visual statement and provide an affordable heat.

Modern designer radiators can look good on a tall narrow section of wall, and our slimline electric radiators leave you with plenty of wall space for the family sofa. Or place one above the sofa, keeping the family members warm and cosy in their favourite chairs.  In small apartments, wall space is a valuable asset for furniture, so the ability to select a classic Italian designer style radiator, fitted above the furniture line on the wall, can mean the difference to have that luxurious corner sofa, or not.  With five different ranges of decorative radiators to choose from, we can guarantee a perfect set of colours, sizes, and shapes, that will look good in any size of room and every style of décor and add style and value to your home.

As electricity is becoming greener, with more accessible solar panels, and grid electricity from wind farms, so Creative Radiators range has grown in both sophistication and performance, currently enjoying increasing sales and total accreditation with all current legislation in the UK and Europe. 

Designer Radiators Smart intelligent controls

Creative Radiators have a great range of exciting designer radiators that can add glamour & enhance the look of your home or office in both vertical and horizontal designs at unbeatable deals & service. Why not call us for a quote for your home or offices, and we also have a team of accredited installers across the UK, who can install them for you. An average home takes one man half a day, and no floors to lift, or carpets to disturb, and since prices start at around £ 680, it’s still more affordable than most storage heaters or boilers.

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