Natura electric radiators provide natural radiant heat in the living room

Natura stylish radiator, folded and shaped under the force of nature.


A stylish radiator, a fusion of practical functionality which can be perfectly matched to any specifications of your unique setting. Representing the trunk of the Ginko tree, a species which has survived for over 350 million years.

Like the essence by which it’s inspired, Natura reflects it’s naturalness and eco compatibility.



Natura is part of our unique Stylish Radiator range representing reeds that blow in the wind. The material is folded and shaped under the force of nature.

Its vertical, slender form is perfect for small and large rooms alike.

This Stylish Radiator is available in four wattages, Vertical, Horizontal and Towel Radiator. Any RAL Colours on request.with a range of rail and hook designer accessories.

Any RAL Colours on request.

Technical Data

Dati Tecnici


Creative Radiator Dimensions for Natura

Sizes (cm) & Output (w)


Available in the following standard colours:



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