Vertical Radiators add Elegant Style to any Rooms

Vertical Radiators or Column Radiators add elegant style in every room.

Millennial couples are moving into new designer villages which are springing up in every town and city, small modern apartment style properties, nestled closely together, with outdoor seating areas and personal balconies.

But wall space is a premium, and needed for the corner settee, with one main room being used for the lounge, dining room and kitchen. 

Simona Arneodo is the sales director Creative Radiators

By Simona Arneodo

In our British designer apartments, one long wall is used for the kitchen worktops, appliances and sink, with the opposite wall used for the sofa and patio door to the balcony. The other walls re needed for the large TV screen and dining table, and the doorway into the small hallway to the bedroom and bathroom. 

The only wall space for radiators is a compact width that utilises its full height for a new state of the art designer vertical radiator. Using a horizontal space is much more efficient and the new models are available in colours and styles that actually look good as well as being an effective space heater giving off radiant heat into the room. 

Using a vertical towel heater radiator in the bathroom in a dramatic red or black, or a stunning silver is light years away from the old-fashioned storage heaters or steel fossil fuel systems. Moreover, they are up to 38 % more efficient in energy use, which means electricity bills are reduced, leaving millennials with more disposable incomes.  

Unlike the old radiators that you wanted to hide, these creative, modern and unusual radiator designs are decorative pieces that can be a part of any home décor. Creative Radiators Inspiration, your best source of radiator inspiration to achieve the home you want without trying.

” High Output Column Radiators, You need to consider the heat output when you are deciding to purchase a new designer vertical radiator 

Creative Radiators is a sustainable and sartorial bespoke heated towel rail with a high degree of customisation, a transformer which can add a touch of class to your environments

Millennials demand Renewable Energy Systems.

Couples aged between 20 and 35 years, are demanding products that can be controlled on their smartphones, iPads and computer Apps. All the vertical radiators, bespoke radiators from Creative Rads have an in-built programmer that connects to the Wi-Fi system and can be controlled via the App. Their advanced design means that each radiator learns your usual behaviour and can detect when no one is home and switch off.

Never heat an empty home and you could save up to £150 a year on your heating bills, with just a tap on the mobile you can turn your electric heating on when you wish. Choose between ten popular pre-sets or create your own bespoke. Saving money and preventing all wasted energy use.

How many storage heaters or steel radiators do you have at home ?   

In this modern world of energy efficiency targets and rising energy bills, quality radiators and heated towel rails are becoming increasingly important, having inefficient radiators can soon add up.

The CreativeRads range which was designed specifically according to the key principles of EcoDesign (2018), provides users with integrated intelligent electric heating control functions which comply with, and indeed exceed, all the requirements of Lot 20, with a 38% Energy Efficiency rating.

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Take a look at the complete range of these exciting vertical electric radiators for yourself and take your home into the future right now.

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