iNovo+ Smart electric radiators 1500w featuring WiFi, Geolocation and voice-activated control

Wi-fi voice-activated Electric Radiators


Smart Wi-Fi electric radiators offer intelligent and energy efficient heating for any homes and offices, featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, and voice-activated control, via the dedicated User-friendly Heating Control App.

iNovo Wi-Fi controlled, voice-activated smart electric radiators

The iNovo+ Wi-Fi electric radiators range are manufactured with pure aluminium providing added durability and lightweight radiators. The operation of the lcd thermostat is very simple and allows the user to adjust the heating program to your daily/weekly routine. The built-in Wi-Fi module allows remote control of the entire heating system (with any smartphone or tablet). Featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, and voice-activated control.

iNovo energy efficient Wi-Fi electric radiators with voice-activated control

iNovo+ Smart electric radiators 1500w featuring WiFi, Geolocation and voice-activated control

iNovo Wi-Fi Controlled Electric Radiators come with all the latest smart heating technology as standard, wi-fi and Voice-controlled electric radiators are the pinnacle of energy saving technology, allowing you to call out temperature changes, turn your heating system on and off, raise the temperature by uttering a few simple commands and monitor your energy usage.

24/7 perfect wireless control of your heating, from anywhere in the world

iNovo Wi-fi and voice-activated Electric Radiators Technical specifications:

  • 100% aluminium body
  • Fully Wi-Fi controlled
  • Backlight LCD thermostat incorporated, daily and weekly programming
  • Built-in ON / OFF switch
  • Wall-mounting brackets and drilling template provided
  • PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) control by ASC.
  • Integrated safety limiter for overheating protection
  • Modes: Off, Standby, Frost protection, Comfort, Eco background
  • Electronic accurate temperature regulation
  • Voice-activated control function Alexa, Google compatible 
  • Open window detection function
  • Energy Consumption display
  • UKCA, BS, Class 1, certification  IP24
    Maximum quality manufacturing and design ensures that iNovo models are extremely robust, supported by extensive and comprehensive 2 + 5 years warranty.

Technical Data

iNovo Radiators

iNovo specifications:

iNovo Wi-fi Electric Radiators size and specifications

Sizes (cm) Width, Height, Dept - Output

iNove radiators google-assistant-alexa voice control compatible
user-friendly, intuitive, wireless heating control for your iNovo smart electric radiators

Voice-activated control with Google Home and Alexa

Controllable remotely via our free heating control App on any smartphones or mobile devices, Google Home and Alexa voice-activated voice control.

iNovo Wi-fi Electric Radiators with geolacation



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