There are many advantages installing modern Electric Radiators over those powered by conventional dirty fossil fuels, gas, oil, coal central heating.

Why Modern Electric Radiators?

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Electric Radiators.

The Advantages of Electric Radiators

Creative Radiators

1-Flexibility and greater control

Modern Electric Radiators offer more Flexibility and a far greater heating control.

Creative Radiators designer radiators wifi thermostat

Flexibility and greater control

The main advantage of fitting an electric radiator is controllability. 
Creative Radiators can be controlled with the built in digital thermostat or our innovative Wi-Fi or Bluetooth wireless control APP. The eco-design compliant thermostat regulates and manages the temperature via Wi-Fi and can be programmed via any smartphone, pc or tablet. The flexibility given by electric radiators lets you customise by the minute and the 0.1 degree your heating for each individual room or zone, heating only where and when you need it.

The efficiency of a heating system is greatly increased by dividing the home into distinct heating zones covering different heating needs. Our Electric Radiators are fully programmable which allows you to set and control the temperature minute by minute, 7 days a week, ensuring that each room in your home is always at an optimum temperature to suit your personal needs.

Creative Radiators

2-Lower running costs

Much lower running costs with direct heat, zoning, and Ecodesign intelligent heating controls,

Creative Radiators are up to 25 per cent more efficient than traditional storage heaters

Lower running costs

Modern electric radiators are incredibly efficient, Creative Radiators ranges will reduce your daily running cost helping you to achieve a balance between using less energy and keeping you warm. Electric radiators are 100% efficient at point of use, unlike gas central heating which lose loads of heat through pipes, boiler, and radiators, or storage heaters, by comparison, give you very little control, they heat up overnight and release little heat only during the first part of the day. 

The Energy consumptions comparison with a gas boiler typical installation is a 25Kw (running costs at £0.07/Kw. 25Kw x £0.07= £1.75). Electric radiators are a 6Kw (running costs at £0.14/Kw of renewable energy 6Kw x £0.14= £0.98).
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Ecodesign Lot 20: All electric space heaters sold after the 1st of January 2018 must incorporate intelligent room temperature controls to minimise wasted energy. App controlled Electric radiators give you full command over every heating zone in your house. Effectively the integration of these technological features provides our customers with an average up to 30% saving on energy consumption as compared to old storage heater, panel heater or none intelligent control electric heaters.

A zoned electric heating system uses multiple electric radiator’s thermostats set up in various zones. Create energy-efficient heating zones allow grouping by rooms or floors with ease, use the built-in heating plans to create a comfortable environment.

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3-Running on any form of renewable energy

Are you conscious about the environment and you have access to your own generated electricity?

Creative Radiators are designed to use renewable energy

renewable energy

Fossil Fuels are an outdated energy sources, that pollute the environment and create dirty energy harming the environment and our health. By using clean photovoltaic solar panels cells to capture and convert the sun’s rays into electricity, your heating is coming from a truly green source.

As prices for dirty fuels quickly goes up, the drive to  reduce carbon footprint and become self-sufficient are becoming increasingly popular in UK. Much Lower running costs with home renewable energy.
The most popular renewable energy sources currently are:

  1. Solar energy
  2. Wind energy
  3. Hydro energy
  4. Tidal energy
  5. Geothermal energy
  6. Biomass energy


Creative Radiators

4-Simple DIY installation

Creative Radiators wall mounted electric radiators are suitable for DIY plug-in installation.


Simple DIY installation

Wall mounted radiators are suitable for DIY plug-in installation. Installing electric radiators is a quick and easy task that requires no plumbing work. It’s cheaper, faster and less disruptive than fitting wet central heating.

An electric radiator can be installed in 15 minutes, wherever there is an available existing plug socket or fuse spur, they can also be hard-wired into the wall by a certified electrician. Wall mounting is the best choice if you want a discreet fitting with no loose cables or sockets, and you can move the heater between any rooms. No need to call out an accredited expensive gas fitter, an engineer, or a plumber.  Everything you need is supplied in the Box includes: Radiator, wall mounting brackets, screw kit, wires, template, mounting kit, manual and instructions. 

Creative Radiators

5-Aesthetics & Functionality

The added value of Creative Radiators is the perfect combination of cutting-edge heating technology and Artisanal detail,

Creative Radiators Artists contest 2021 10 finalist

Aesthetics & Functionality

When it comes to Aesthetics with Creative Radiators the potential is limitless. Electric radiators don’t have to be boring or bulky. They can be in exciting colours to add a statement or vibrancy to any room.

We started the conception of modern designer radiators in the UK 18 years ago, today we offer an exclusive collection of Slimline, Decorative Electric Radiators:

Our collection includes high performance designer towel rails and striking modern designs which also come in a range of different shapes and colours. 
Guarantee : We are so confident in the build quality of our electric radiators that we offer a 5 year guarantee on the body and two year guarantee on electronics.