iNovo WiFi controlled electric radiators 2000w - featuring Geolocation and voice-activated control

Wi-Fi Electric Radiators


iNovo energy efficient Wi-Fi electric radiators featuring Geolocation and voice-activated control, 

The iNovo energy efficient Smart electric radiators offer intelligent and energy efficient heating for contemporary smart homes and offices, featuring WiFi, Geolocation and voice-activated control – via the dedicated User-friendly Heating Control App

iNovo Smart Wi-Fi electric radiators

iNovo Smart Wi-Fi Electric Radiators with Geolocation and voice-activated control

iNovo+ Wi-Fi electric radiators range

are manufactured with pure alluminium providing added durability and lightweight radiators. The operation of the lcd thermostat is very simple and allows the user to adjust the heating program to your daily/weekly routine. The built-in Wi-Fi module allows remote control of the heating system (with any smartphone or tablet) using the dedicated Free Smart app. Maximum quality manufacturing and design, the iNovo models are extremely robust, supported by extensive, comprehensive 2 + 5 years warranty.

Technical Data

iNovo wi-fi Electric Radiators


Creative Radiator Dimensions for Marmo Pietra and Tocco

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