Our exclusive collection of Slimline, Decorative Electric Radiators, includes high performance designer towel rails and striking modern designs which also come in a range of different shapes and colours.

Exclusive collection of Decorative Electric Radiators.

Decorative Electric Radiators in the every Room

“Design works best when driven by a purpose”

Electric radiators don’t have to be boring or bulky. They can be in exciting colours to add a statement or vibrancy to a teenagers room, as well as soft, gentle colours that will tone with your interior room design; making them blend invisibly into the aura of the dining room or sitting room.

Add style to your Kitchen or living room

Choose a ‘royal’ shade for the dining room; perhaps a rich ruby, or a dignified French blue, to add a flavour of Royal Palaces in days gone by. For a country style, go for a deep green or chestnut brown, to add that warm and comfortable feeling of an old fireplace or open fire. 

Stylish radiators designed and manufactured in Italy

Top fashion designers and Artists have come been Italian for hundreds of years, and now the designers are adding designer radiators to their portfolios. Understanding that interior spaces are getting smaller with every new-build home; it is essential to make the most of every inch of space. Our modern radiators, with built in LED light, can become really an amazing focal point of any home.  

contemporary radiators with LED light by Creative Radiators

Creative radiators can be supplied in a massive choice of 26 colours, any shape, with led lights, and the soft grey or charcoal shade will look fabulous in a kitchen, with a theme of yellow and grey, granite worktops and black cupboard doors.

Good Design is Energy Efficient

Every home needs an effective heating system to keep the family warm in winter and on bad weather days and chilly evenings in spring and autumn.

The new energy efficient Creative radiators can also think for themselves, connected to your own user-friendly, intuitive wi-fi or Bluetooth App. They can turn themselves off when the temperature is reached, not wasting a single unit of precious energy. You will have instant control of every radiator in every room from the comfort of your phone, iPad or computer. Last minute visitors are no problem, just turn on the radiator in your spare room, from your phone, while you are on the way home. Creative Radiators user-friendly heating app offer WiFi or Bluetooth control that integrates with your personal daily routine.

Transform your home into a place where decorative electric radiators enhance your interior design, save money on your energy bills, and keep you and your family members warm and cosy.