VENEZIAA designer radiators by MAARMO

VENEZIAA Designer Electric Radiators.


Featuring soft lines and magnificent colours, Veneziaa is a top of the range designer radiator with an exclusive handmade finish that will look fabulous in any environment. Go bold with a colour statement or subtle with gentle shades from bedroom to boardroom!

Veneziaa handmade electric designer radiators are a glorious fusion of artistic style and practical functionality which can be perfectly matched to the personality your unique setting. Three stunning designs are available in a range of colourways, adding a style feature to any room, while providing fast and efficient heating. 

From the domestic setting of a Penthouse dining room, sitting room, or bedroom; to a commercial setting of business reception, boardroom, or Hotel bedroom suite. It’s easy to add the exclusive elegance of a unique handmade, and bespoke piece of art. Functional Art is the use of creative art and utilitarian purpose in the design of an everyday article that will fulfil a vital purpose, whilst being pleasing to the eye and the subconscious. 

Technical Data

Veneziaa Radiators


Handmade designer radiator range: Gondola, Laguna, Lido

To the connoisseur, art provides an emotive and intellectual reaction, and this has been the aim of our designers, to deliver the emotions of warmth and comfort wrapped in something that is beautiful and desirable. Every single Veneziaa designer radiator is designed in this concept, joining beauty and function in an aesthetic unique design that can enhance any setting.

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