This page provides useful tips and recommendations in choosing the appropriate designer radiators for your home, office, commercial property.

We’ve picked our favourite Blogs to help you choose something a little more stylish, eco-friendly, modern, learn how our designer radiators are created, why they are so energy efficient and eco-friendly. How to add your own design and how easy they are to install and program.

The Creative Designer Radiators Blogs

Designer Radiators more than ever becoming statement pieces within the UK's homes.

Tired of plain old storage heaters? Thankfully we have a selection of attractive designer alternatives. 

Pietra by Creative radiators, bespoke electric radiators 2021
vertical electric radiators

Best vertical electric radiators

A column, vertical electric radiator is a very convenient heating solution that can make your home warm and cosy. Here we pick our 5 great options for people who are looking for a designer vertical radiator on a budget. 

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Decorative Radiators

Artist competition – Bespoke Art Radiators

Calling all UK Artists! Amateur or Professional to Shape the future of Decorative Radiators. We are looking for artists to create a new range of fabulous and exciting Bespoke Art Radiators for the UK and Europe markets.

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Finish Pietra electric radiators By Creative Radiators
Radiant heat

What is a marble radiator?

What is a marble radiator? Marble radiators are the real modern, efficient electric heating alternative to old bricks, aluminium, steel and cast iron radiators.

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Creative Radiators, designer radiators with led lights in a Bedroom
Modern Designer Radiators

Modern Designer Radiators in the UK.

Designer radiators can now provide every homeowner with high performance, smart and intelligent controls, using minimum energy and with maximum style and good looks from a small family home to a luxury penthouse apartment.

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Marmo designer Radiator by Creative Radiators 1
electric heating

How Electric Heating Systems Have Evolved.

How Electric Heating Systems Have Evolved. Over 15 years ago Creative Radiators thought that technology needed to advance so temperature and time controls were necessary to propel the electric heating industry into the future.

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