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Designer Radiators more than ever becoming statement pieces within the UK's homes.

Tired of plain old radiators? Thankfully we have a selection of attractive designer alternatives. 

We’ve picked our favourite blogs to help you choose something a little more stylish for your home.

Creative Radiators, designer radiators with led lights in a Bedroom
Modern Designer Radiators

Modern Designer Radiators in the UK.

Designer radiators can now provide every homeowner with high performance, smart and intelligent controls, using minimum energy and with maximum style and good looks from a small family home to a luxury penthouse apartment.

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Simona Arneodo is the sales director Creative Radiators

Simona has headed up our sales team for the last 13 years, with wealth of knowledge means that she can provides expert advice.

Alternatively, if you need some specific help Feel free to email and ask our experts to find out what you need to consider ahead of choosing a style and what you need to ask before you buy. Whatever the case, Simona and her team will always do their utmost to solve your electric radiator Frequently Asked Questions.