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Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Radiators

All of our electric radiators provide responsive and efficient heating using three key components which work together to ensure extremely high levels of energy efficiency. This makes them truly unique.

Each electric radiator is fitted with a high-quality element that absorbs energy and heats up quickly. This retains the energy but releases it slowly.

Once heated, it uses minimal power to maintain the correct temperature required to heat the thermodynamic fluid.

Each electric radiator is filled with a thermodynamic fluid and our exclusive Advanced Condensing System which is specifically formulated to heat up rapidly and expand to the entire heat exchange area, resulting in a maximum outer surface radiant heat effect.

No, it takes just one man, one day, to install a complete system of 7 radiators, or approximately one hour per radiator.

So, a small 1 bedroom flat can be all done in half a day. Just 2 brackets to drill and screw to the wall for each radiator, then plug into the nearest socket and that’s it!

Compare this with installing a water-filled, gas-fired system, which takes a team of men a whole week to install, with furniture moved, carpets litfted, floors cut into and holes drilled through walls…

Every radiator is designed to be quick and easy to secure on any kind of wall using the brackets included with the radiator.

The electrical connections are all pre-wired using certified wires and the robust wall mounting brackets will enable a quick and easy installation.

Our fully trained and accredited engineers show you how to use the zoning controls and how to programme each radiator to your precise individual needs.

It’s an easy process! All our radiators are cast from high-grade aluminium and contain our patented thermodynamic fluid for maximum conductivity and optimal heat transference.

So, your biggest choice will be the aesthetic looks and individual style of the radiators and the size required for each room.

Every radiator design meets the EcoDesign and Lot 20 Standard, including the stylish Vertical Radiators, Designer Towel Heaters and the WiFi Smart Intelligent Radiators.

This means that they are an ideal product to replace your existing storage heaters, or to replace an old fashioned water filled gas system.

Every radiator from Creative Radiators can be programmed and controlled separately in each room, to give you with the maximum amount of heat for the minimum amount of time, and saving you the cost of the old style ‘one on – all one’ systems with a bespoke and intelligent individual room requirement that matches your lifestyle.

There are many factors to consider but for heat load calculations and insulation values, the SAP rating gives a recommended heat load of watts per m3.

Then consider the orientation of the room, (north or south facing) the number of windows, single or double glazing and delta of the room.

Initially, work on 35 watts per m3 and then increase or decrease this on consideration of the existing insulation and room orientation.

The maximum requirement would be 45 watts per m3 for a property without insulation and single glazed windows.

Reduction would be to a minimum of 30 watts per m3 for a well-insulated, double-glazed, new home.

Creative Radiators have a list of approved installers who are based UK-wide and have been trained personally by us. We can put you in touch with your nearest accredited installer who will be happy to quote for installation of your new Creative Radiators.

The installation process is very simple and requires 4 drilled holes in the wall for the brackets to hang each radiator and a nearby standard domestic plug socket. Most of the time, our customers are happy to self-install, but we are always here to help and give free advice if needed.

All the approved electricians on our list are fully qualified and accredited Electrical Engineers, but the choice is entirely yours. You probably know a local qualified electrician and we are happy to provide him with any further instruction or guidance to install them for you. We are always just on the end of a phone or email.

Every Creative Radiator is manufactured in beautiful Italy in our own factories and all components we use are from Europe. You can rest assured that none of our parts or components have originated from China.

Every Creative Radiator comes with a warranty of 5-years on the radiator body, with a 2-year warranty on all electronic parts. This is an industry standard guarantee right up-front on our website – not hidden in any small print.

Certainly not… most of our business comes from replacing old brick-filled storage heaters and Creative Radiators are NOT filled with house bricks. They are beautifully designed cast marble panels that contain electrical elements that heat up very quickly, passing heat into the marble body, which then delivers radiant heat directly into your room.

No pipework is needed, no floors need lifting, and no need to ‘charge’ the units with heat overnight before benefitting from their lovely warmth. Heat is available whenever you want it, at the touch of a button.

Every Creative Radiator is designed to be thermo-efficient and use the latest technology to ensure the lowest consumption of energy with the highest perfomance of heat. The temperatures they deliver are controllable to the nearest 0.1 degree and this can be different for each radiator in each room. This gives you unprecedented control over your energy use and your comfort.

Each radiator has it’s own independent eco-design thermostat which will use the minimum of energy needed to maintain the room temperature that you choose. At first, the radiator heats up using full power, and once it reaches the ambient temperature (usually about 30 minutes from cold), the radiator will then use minimal energy to maintain the desired temperature.

This means that over any 24-hour timescale, Creative Radiators will use approximately 30% LESS energy than any other existing electric radiator system. This level of energy use can be reduced even further by the individual programme settings on each Creative Radiator, allowing different temperatures to be set for different times of the day and for each day of the week, over a repeatable seven-day period.

Creative Radiators  are not mass produced like standard steel or aluminium products using high energy and vast CO2 emission. They are individually handcrafted one at a time. It is therefore very rare to create identical items.

Every piece is a creation of artisans and based on craft styles. There may be natural blemishes/variations that are not product flaws but a characteristic of the pulverization of the marble into powder. Small spots or tiny bubbles  on the surface are the effect of a product hand made, imperfections are part of the character of a natural product and may be noticeable in the physical appearance of the product itself, therefore not considered faults. By purchasing any Creative Radiators product you agree to this disclaimer.