Ricardo Amore limited edition Designer Radiator ITALY

Radiart Bespoke Electric Radiators.

Custom Designed Radiators

Radiart an exclusive collection of custom designed, Bespoke Electric Radiators. A very limited edition of horizontal or vertical bespoke radiators.



Limited edition of Bespoke Radiators by Creative Radiators.

Radiart Bespoke Art painted on Radiators

Nicolas Sterin Artist competion finalist 2021

Introducing a new concept of Radiator Art, which we have named RADIART.

Contemporary artists with a worldwide audience are now designing bespoke ‘RADIART’ for Creative Radiators, with exclusive artworks painted directly onto your radiator. 

Creative Radiators promotes the understanding, knowledge and appreciation if those emerging talented Artists with a collection of bespoke radiator sculptures and images that are available throughout Europe. Incredible 3D surface designs and unique paintings will inject your interior designs with Art that is vibrant, rare and very exclusive.

We have printed a collection of various Artists paintings onto our creative radiators, to create the RADIART collection. You can also commission your own design, motif, figure or portrait onto any radiator and our selected Artist will make your wishes come true by painting directly onto the radiator, a certified RadiArt limited edition from £990. 

Technical Data

Bespoke Electric Radiators

Ricardo Amore Collection

Creative Radiator Dimensions for Marmo Pietra and Tocco

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