A Guide to our collection of Radiant Electric Heating.

What is Radiant Electric Heating?

Radiant heating as a technology is typically more narrowly defined, it is the method of intentionally using mostly the principles of radiant heat to transfer radiant energy from an emitting heat source to an object. Radiant heat is heat which radiates out from an element, warming objects rather than the air. Radiant heating is a technology for heating indoor and outdoor areas.

Heating by radiant energy is observed every day, the warmth of the sunshine being probably the most commonly observed example.

electric radiators radiant technology By Creative Radiators
radiant heating technology By Creative Radiators

Slimline and quick to react, our radiant heaters offer a practical and well- priced option for properties off-grid. The Creative Radiators portfolio range includes a wide range of radiant electric heating products for any properties, which means you can deliver a sustainable off-grid solution.

Our complete Radiant heat Range:


The MARMO range is distinguished by a simple linear form and enhanced by the pureness of the white colour. It is available in six different sizes, in a smooth finish. It is also available in a horizontal or vertical version, with measurements

  • 55w x 180h x 6.5d – 1400w
  • 30 x 180 x 6.5 – 500w
  • 55 x 150 x 6.5 – 1000w
  • 55 x 110 x 6.5 – 600w
  • 55 x 86 x 6.5 – 500w
    and can be customised using the huge selection of beautiful colours.
Creative Radiator Dimensions for Marmo Pietra and Tocco
Radiant heat


A perfect choice for a traditional environment and today’s modern furnishing: Pietra designer radiator is created specifically for everyone who wants to blend comfort with living as naturally as possible with the environment. The Creative Radiators technology is enhanced by the irregular surface of the stone, which emphasises the low relief.

Pietra electric radiator by Creative Radiators
Radiant heating technology


This beautiful designer radiator represents reeds, elements that blow in the wind in cultivated fields. The Natura material is folded and shaped using only the pure force of nature, the striking vertical and slender form is a perfect feature for a large dining room wall, and stylish in a smaller room such as a bathroom. With CreativeRads it is easy to reduce your energy costs, whilst also making your heating system a bespoke design feature in your home! 

Natura electric radiators provide natural radiant heat in the living room


Creative Radiators is an incredible customisable product: Any image can be printed on the radiant panel surface upon request. This means that you can transform your radiant electric heating into a beautiful piece of art, with whatever picture or painting you chose; combining the heating function with functional interior design.

Introducing a new concept of Radiator Art, RADIART will give any rooms a unique touch, playful forms, original subjects and maximum customisation, we have printed a collection of Ricardo Amore paintings onto our creative radiators, to create the Amore collection.

You can also commission your own design, motif, figure or portrait onto any radiator and Ricardo will make your wishes come true by painting directly onto the radiator, a certified limited edition. Send us a picture, a painting, or a print, and with a small extra charge, you can have your own customised child-friendly radiator. Attention to the environment and sustainability are the principles on which our ENTIRE philosophy is based. This is also reflected in the materials used to customise the panels The colours are water-based, fixed with biocompatible UV rays and completely free of fumes.

3D Gold black stripes bespoke electric radiators by Ricardo amore collection 9
Radiant Heating Patented technology

Radiant Heating Patented technology

Fully compatible with photovoltaic panels. These products have been specifically designed to be used with fully renewable energy sources. Our Electric Radiant Heaters can use clean, free energy from a photovoltaic system. All our electric heating ranges include a digital room thermostat that can be programmed weekly, for 24 hours in a day, or wirelessly with a free App. This intelligent thermostat easily and automatically adjusts the temperature for comfort and uses energy from your photovoltaic system whenever it is available. Traditional wet systems radiators are heated to a very high temperature around 65-75 degrees Celsius in order to heat up a room effectively, Radiant Heaters only needs to run at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius or less, in order to warm the room accordingly to the comfort settings, therefore consuming much less energy, and keeping your energy usage lower.

Our customers cherry pick which of our radiators and energy management solutions best suit their requirements. Clients range from small domestic installations of our standard, but highly efficient electric radiators, to more complex commercial installations utilising all of our services. All our customers have one thing in common:
they want a modern electric heating system that costs less to run,

Creative Radiators are electrical heating experts providing innovative, affordable and sustainable heating solutions to homes across the UK.
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