Renaissance for electric central heating taking place across the UK.

There’s something of a renaissance for electric central heating taking place across the UK with many specifiers and builders now seriously considering electric central heating as an option for new build properties and even more so in refurbishment projects where the installation time and costs, as well as on-going running costs, can be lower than those associated with traditional wet heating systems.

Here are five main reasons :

1- Fully compatible with Photovoltaic Panels.

CreativeRadiators® ranges are designed specifically to be used with renewable energy sources. It uses clean, free energy electricity from any photovoltaic solar system. All the Designer electric radiators in the CreativeRads® range include an accurate digital room thermostat – programmer that can be scheduled weekly, for every 24 hours in a day. This intelligent thermostat adjusts the temperature (within a 1/10 of a degree) for the best comfort and automatically can use energy from the photovoltaic system when it is available. The intelligent thermostat has an input cable that receives information when the system is producing sufficient energy. Thinking of future generations, CreativeRads sustainability, guarantees ‘zero kilometres products’, to further reduce the already minuscule carbon footprint. All materials and components used to manufacture our products are sourced from local Italian companies and are 100% Made in Italy.

Creative Radiators are designed to use renewable energy
Fully compatible with Photovoltaic Panels

2- Very easy to install.

Each Creative Radiator works independently, providing the right amount of heat for each room. In addition, installing a Creative Radiator has never been so easy…  all it takes is to insert a plug to the prewired radiator; it’s fixed to the wall with simple with provided patented brackets and hooks fixing.

Before connecting up the radiator to the mains power supply, switch off mains power at the main circuit breaker. The electric radiator is a class II double-insulated IP24 device, therefore it can be installed in all the rooms of a house including in safety zones 2 and Out of the zone in bathrooms, but sheltered from water splashes. The heating device must be installed in accordance with I.E.E. Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2008).

Creative Radiators heating products can be used in any type of environment and because they have a high degree of strength and resistance to humidity; with IPX4 protection they can also be used in bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchen.

designer radiators installation by CREATIVE RADIATORS Uk
electric central heating

3- Affordable electric central heating.

it’s therefore cheap to add a Creative Radiator to any existing traditional wet heating system. When operational, the radiator will draw full power until the required temperature (set on the thermostat) is achieved. This is normally within 10 minutes. At this point, the radiator will cease drawing power. The heating thermo-mat will have rapidly expanded and the radiator will now have 100% hot point effect. 

Due to the thermal element’s slow release of power and the radiator body retention qualities, the radiator will continue emitting heat. For example, if a 1000w radiator has dropped below the desired temperature and the radiator has sensed that only 250w is required to return it to the desired level, then the radiator only draws 250w and not 1000w. Subsequently, by a radiator sensing when the temperature is then only drawing the exact amount of power required, it uses power consumption in the most efficient way possible.

Therefore, when a 1000w radiator is installed in a room that has been calculated to require a 1000w radiator, if switched on for 8 hours to maintain a room temperature of 21 degrees, it will only use approx. 3 hours of electricity.

In fact, it’s technology, in addition to adjusting the amount of heat necessary for each individual room in a silent way, drastically reduces consumption in unused rooms and bedrooms in “Night Eco Mode”. it’s therefore cheap to add a Creative Radiator to any existing traditional wet heating system.

The efficiency of a heating system is greatly increased by dividing the home into Zoning, distinct heating zones covering different heating needs. In most cases, there is no need to heat bedrooms during the day, when they are not in use, or to run the whole system at the same temperature.

4- Health & Well Being with radiant heating.

it’s therefore cheap to add a Creative Radiator to any existing traditional wet heating system. Creative Radiators are also a powerful ally against allergies, traditional “radiators” transfer heat by convection, causing the circulation of air from lower to upper areas of the room. This process facilitates the movement of dust, mould, bacteria and dust mites, promoting the onset of allergies in sensitive people. By transferring heat directly from the surface by radiation without convection, Creative Radiators do not move any dust, keeping the air clean and an even, uniform temperature in the room and a sensation of well-being.

5- Stunning Design.

Electric radiators don’t have to be boring, our company offer a collection of bespoke radiator sculptures and limited edition designer radiators that are available throughout Europe. Creative Radiators ranges are created with sober and linear designs, giving your walls a hint of modernism with discretion. They can be used as a stunning decorative element if placed in the foreground or can be hidden in the environment due to their discrete but intelligent appearance. Reconciling aesthetics and purity, shape and volume, visibility and discretion CreativeRads can be personalised in a variety of colours and finishes. By so customising your designer radiator it can complement your furnishings, or even blend with your wallpaper.

Gold bespoke electric radiators by Ricardo amore collection 8
designer radiators controlled with innovative, wi-fi wireless control.

All our designer radiators can be controlled with our innovative, wi-fi wireless control. The thermostat regulates and manages the temperature via Wi-Fi and can be programmed via any smartphone or tablet.

Looking for a specific Designer Radiator, Vertical Radiator, wi-fi Heater, Bespoke, Decorative Radiator? We’d love to hear from you. To get in touch either call us 0843 289 6967 (local rate) or drop us a line
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