Are modern electric radiators efficient?

Modern electric radiators are amongst the most energy efficient, eco-friendly ways to heat your home or commercial property. 

Modern Wi-fi electric radiators have developed significantly over recent years. They are extremely reliable heating units which offer a range of benefits to any occupant looking to heat their property.

Currently most homes in UK have absolutely poor or no accurate control of the rooms temperature program or energy consumptions, and as a result are burning energy that is simply not needed. Our Modern electric radiators combines heat retentive technology and highly controllable smart thermostats, Energy efficiency is using the smallest amount of resource for the highest heating results, energy costs to heat an entire home are often due to uneven high temperatures. 

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modern electric radiators

How To Heat Your Home While Staying Green

“Traditional heating methods consist of using fossil fuels – coal, oil, and natural gas. Not only are the costs to harvest these fossil fuels high, but so is the damage they cause on the environment” Our Planet is worth more than fossil fuel profits ! 
Electricity today is produced through renewable and sustainable sources such as the sun, wind, tides or hydro dams, there is widespread popular support for using renewable energy, particularly solar and wind energy, which provide electricity without giving rise to any carbon dioxide emissions. Renewable energy sources today also provide clean energy, or energy that emits few greenhouse gases or pollutants.

intelligent wi-fi Modern radiators have controlled heating zones

Turning up the temperature in our homes also coincides with the rise in co2 emission, and running costs that come from the spike in our heating bills. This instantly highlights one of the unique features of Creative Radiators products by actually showing the real temperature in degrees centigrade therefore telling us that it is able to guarantee 0.1 degrees temperature accuracy. Over a 24 hour period, with a heat loss averaging 1374 watts per hour, the Creative radiator maintained a room temperature between 19.8°C and 20°C.This proves that products are accurate in their temperature measurement.

The efficiency of a heating system is greatly increased by dividing the home into distinct heating zones covering different heating needs. intelligent wi-fi Modern radiators which could be remotely controlled from your office or any mobile device to ensure that individual room or separate heating zones are warm (21.5 degrees), but which could also be programmed to switch the smart radiators to economy background (13.5 degrees ) mode when the room is not occupied.  

Create energy-efficient heating zones easily and cost-effectively, by wirelessly transmitting the desired time/temperature settings directly to individual radiators. The zoning options allow grouping by rooms, zones or floors with ease, use the built-in heating plans to create a comfortable environment. Planning for a zonal heating system must start early because the heating system depends on the efficiency of the building shell and the floor plan layout. Heating load calculations requirement (35/45 watts per M2) take into account the specific U and Delta values of each specific property.

Smart house flat illustration concept
intelligent, energy-efficient heating zones

Modern electric radiators are fully Lot 20 compliant

“Lot 20” Directive 2018 for Energy-related Products (ErP) demands that all electric space heaters sold after the 1st of January 2018 must incorporate intelligent room temperature controls to minimise wasted energy.

This new Ecodesign legislation from the EU 2015/1188 2018 brought about the biggest upheaval the electric heating industry has experienced in decades, with new energy efficiency regulations coming into play that changed the landscape of available heating products.

An old, inefficient storage heater with standard on/off dials control and inaccurate thermostat is illegal, New Intelligent controls managing the running times of your heaters will incorporate three essential features.

  1. 24 hour or 7 day Timer Control. This is an integral digital programmer or wireless through a smartphone app with WIFI connectivity.
  2. Thermostatic Control. Accurate room temperature measurement by an efficient electronic thermostat.
  3. Smart Delayed Start Control. Open door or window recognition technology reduces wasted energy when a thermostat detects a drop in temperature the heater will choose when to provide heat.

Creative Radiators include all the above ecodesign features and remote distance control option, such as Wi-Fi and an adaptive start system, gaining over the 38% efficiency line. Effectively the integration of these technological features provides our customers with an average up to 35% saving on energy consumption and 50000 KGS CO2/year as compared to storage heater, panel heater or none intelligent control electric heating.

Modern Coloured Radiators 

Why don’t replace your rusty, bulky radiators with coloured radiators, taking advantage of these new modern options to complement every home’s style. A full selection of special order, custom-coloured, modern radiators are available. We have printed a collection of paintings to create Radiart, exclusive collection of Bespoke Art  Radiators.

You can also commission your own design, motif, or figure onto any radiator and we will make your wishes come true by painting directly onto the radiator, a certified limited edition.

Donatella Ottolini Artist competion finalist 2021
Donatella Ottolini Artist competion finalist 2021

Full Technical Support Services

Creative Radiators technical manager and product specialist is on hand all day, answering enquiries about the radiant heat method, heat plan, radiator design, using the dedicated App and wifi thermostat functions, and our in-built programmers on every radiator, that can be controlled on your phone, tablet, iPad or Laptop, from wherever you are. 

pantone-color-chart for radiators

To get in touch now, call Creative Radiators on 01842 338319 to enable us to assist you with your query as efficiently as possible,  Thank you

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