Creative Radiators an efficient electric heating system.

We promise you an efficient electric heating system that will keep you warm using less energy and saving money. Here’s how Creative Radiators work to keep this promise.

The efficiency behind Creative Radiators is the patented Thermo Heat mat inside every radiator. It responds very quickly when turned on, spreading heat evenly across the surface of the radiator, which is then slowly released by adding radiant heat into the room until your desired room temperature is reached. Then it stops drawing energy until the room temperature falls and then it cuts in again using a minimum amount of energy to heat the room by just half of a degree to your optimum temperature again. 

decorative electric radiators By Creative Radiators
efficient electric heating system

Radiant Heat Explained.

Radiant heat is the most efficient method of keeping warm because just like the sun warming you on the beach or on the mountains, you receive radiant heat from the radiators that warm you and your family, instead of heating the air that rises to the ceiling, leaving you and your feet cold. This is because invisible electromagnetic infrared waves are emitted from the radiator that warm bodies in their path, absorbing the heat energy directly, with no wasted energy. 

Once your body becomes warm, you then radiate the heat onwards to other people or objects in the room. This process is efficient and uses up to 30% LESS ENERGY than any other heating process currently on the market. Every individual Creative Radiator uses this principle, delivering radiant heat just like the sun. Radiant heat “stone effect” explained.

electric radiators radiant technology By Creative Radiators
electric radiators radiant technology By Creative Radiators

What This Means for You.

This means that you and your family will experience more instant warmth, more long-lasting comfort and a reduced energy bill from using this efficient heating system. An additional benefit for Schools, Care Home, and Hospitals, is the low surface temperature of Creative Radiators, which comply with the current 43°C maximum for all NHS and public buildings. This guidance requires the surface temperature of radiators not to exceed 43°C, helping to keep elderly and vulnerable people safe from metal surface burns, 43°C is considered a safe surface temperature because it would take over 2.5 hours for skin in contact with a radiator at this heat to burn.

Programme Each Radiator Independently. 

Each electric radiator works with an independent temperature sensor, and a programmer fitted to the top of the unit. This means that each radiator temperature can be set individually to correspond with the heating needs of each room on a day by day and hour by hour programme. This will reduce your heating energy usage UP to 25% and in some cases by as much as 30%, reducing costs and increasing customer happiness! 

Use Our Smart App to Control your Efficient Heating.

Why not take advantage of our revolutionary new Smart App, and control your heating from anywhere in the world, without needing to be onsite to turn on or off with a physical presence. The cloud-based online dashboard can control every radiator in every room, whether you have a Hotel, a Hospital, B&B or a domestic holiday home, just using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

This provides you with complete control over your energy use from wherever you are. No more radiators left on for the weekend when the office is closed, and you can easily switch everything on an hour before arriving home, or before work on Monday morning. Each room has its own electric heating controlled by its own thermostat, and you control how much energy is used in every area of your home, office or factory.

Installation Takes One Day.

We will submit a detailed and itemised quotation that is open, honest and individual to the precise requirements of your plans. Ensuring your project costings are accurate and keeping to a budget is one headache that we can keep under control for you. We will provide you or your architect with a contract containing a fixed price quotation for you to agree and sign, then we become active partners in helping to achieve your low carbon footprint, green energy and LOT 20 Eco-Design legislation compliant installation.

A complete Creative Radiator system of 6 radiators can be fitted in one day by just one technician, so no need to employ a whole team of men for a week. You can then utilise two different methods of control: 

  • A lockable thermostat with a 24 hour-seven-day timer, with digital electronic thermostat, adaptive function regulation with six different modes accurate to 1/10th of a degree.
  • The wireless wi-fi and/or Bluetooth programmer, delivering up to 50 heating zones which can be remotely and individually controlled and programmed from anywhere in the room.

Creative Radiators are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, that will look great in the home, the office or residential care home and can quickly and easily replace any storage heaters, LPG, or oil systems, without the use of any pipes or lifting floorboards.

Dimensions and Wattage.

Creative Radiators and their distributor work together to ensure that the bespoke radiators are manufactured and delivered on schedule allowing the contractor to fit everything on time, without the budget increase. On the specified day, our team of qualified installers will arrive, complete with all your radiant designer radiators and towel heaters, and the total installation will be completed – usually in just one day for an average-sized house of 6 rooms. Over 30 sizes are on offer and each one is supplied with a 10 years Warranty and orders placed by 2 pm will be delivered within the next two days.

30 x 180 cm 500w

55 x 110 cm 600w

55 x 150 cm 1000w

55 x 180 cm 1400w

55 x 86 cm 500w

Depth 6.5 cm and Colour range, and bespoke painting on request

Tired of plain old radiators? Thankfully we have a selection of attractive designer alternatives. Please see individual product pages for more information or Call Us on 0843 289 6967 and We will help you choose something a little more stylish for your home.

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