Eco-friendly Radiators, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in 8 Easy Steps.

As a responsible manufacturer of Eco-friendly Radiators, which comply with ALL current Legislation – including the vitally important  Eco-Design LOT 20; we have put together an easy guide for homeowners with a simple method of reducing the carbon footprint to a massive ‘carbon-neutral’ status, setting an example of good practice to our children.

Saving the planet means everyone must work towards reducing their carbon footprint. Not just businesses, but homeowners also have a big responsibility and the UK Government is encouraging every man and woman to do their duty, in new-build properties as well as the renovation of older Victorian and Edwardian property and refurbishing post-war housing stock.

Natura designer electric radiators provide natural radiant heat in the living room
Natura designer electric radiators provide natural radiant heat in the living room

Step 1: Seeking Information 

With many choices available in size, design, colour and power output; you can’t afford to take a week off work to learn about available products, so an easy solution is to visit our ‘dream radiators’ range and then request an informative brochure by post, or a visit from one of our local qualified installers, to talk you through the massive range of carbon-neutral products from standard horizontal to space-saving vertical.

Step 2: Tell Us Your Dream Design

Do you have ideas for colour, style or design of your perfect interior? Do you have an Architect who is drawing up plans for your innovative new build?  Can we visit the site and talk through your ideas, showing you and your Architect how easy it can be to integrate designer radiators with your solar panel system and comply with Eco-Design LOT 20 Legislation.

Bespoke electric radiators, ricardo Amore 1200w
Eco-friendly Radiators

Step 3: Creating Innovation

Setting your dreams to paper with a new heating system that is created exactly for your needs. Adapt one of our many designs, or one of our partner architects can design your system from scratch, while you watch your dream of a carbon-neutral new home begin to take shape. 

Step 4: Transparent Costings 

Using the bespoke plans for your new build, or refurbishment, you can leave the working out of all costings to our technical department, who will calculate the supply and install price of every part of your green energy heating system including the integrated Smart-controls that work directly from your Broadband Wi-Fi and enabled for the new rollout of 5G 

Step 5: Quotation not Estimate

We will submit a detailed and itemised quotation that is open, honest and individual to the precise requirements of your plans. Ensuring your project costings are accurate and keeping to a budget is one headache that we can keep under control for you. We will provide you or your architect with a contract containing a fixed price quotation for you to agree and sign, then we become active partners in helping to achieve your low carbon footprint, green energy and LOT 20 Eco-Design legislation compliant installation.

Step 6: Final Specification

The best qualified local installer will be commissioned by us, to install your final heating system design, and your bespoke radiator sizes and colours will be manufactured. We will specify the electrics needed during the First-Fix stage, ready for our expert installer to carry out the installation at the start of the Second-Fix stage.

Step 7: Technical Build

Our installer will check and confirm at every stage of the build process, that all necessary details for your heating system are on the plan, and the correct circuits and sockets are in place during the early stages, ready for the day when our installer will arrive for second fix stage. 

Step 8: Installation Day 

On the specified day, our team of qualified installers will arrive, complete with all your radiant heat designer radiators and towel heaters, and the total installation will be completed – usually in just one day for an average-sized house of 6 rooms. 

Eco-friendly Radiators installation by Creative Radiators UK
Eco-friendly Radiators installation by Creative Radiators UK

Our Installer will set the programme for each radiator and connect it to your Wi-Fi system, so that you can then control every room from your computer or smartphone, from wherever you are in the world. 

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