Ugly White Radiators are History

Why you should upgrade to our Modern Designer Radiators. Would you like to create or paint your own design for your home radiators and live surrounded by art and beauty on the walls, saving your precious wall space for the furniture and display cabinets?

No more ugly, white obelis radiators dominating the walls and defining your interior design – ugly white radiators are history!

With Creative Radiators, your interior design is only limited by your imagination. Any image can be integrated onto the front of our electric radiators and here is how it works:

Childrens electric radiator by Creative Radiators
A Creative Radiator in a childrens bedroom

Create Your Own Masterpiece

Have you ever wanted to have a specific picture on your wall, but just can’t find it anywhere? Well, now you can combine your artistic desires with a new practical and sustainable heating source. Creative Radiators radiators can be created with any picture or image of your choice on the front.

Perhaps you have decorated your interior in shades of blue and grey and a vivid blue Matisse might be your perfect choice on the wall above the sofa. Now your favourite art image can also become your radiant heat.

All Creative Radiators are Eco-Design and Lot 20 compliant, made from recycled marble powder in a sustainable and energy free, cold process. Any painting, poster design, or photograph can be permanently imposed onto the surface of the marble radiator.

Ugly White Radiators are History
Ugly White Radiators are History

DIY Paintings

Are you an amateur artist, seeking to show your work in new ways

Displaying your art on the wall of a gallery, shop or restaurant in the form of a Creative Radiator gives your clients inner warmth as well as esoteric pleasure in the art form.

This new method of creating bespoke radiator art is the beginning of a whole new way of using interior design to provide beauty in our everyday objects. So even if you have zero artistic ability, your dreams and desires can come to life using a beautiful photograph.

The Taj Mahal, Palais de Versailles or the Greek Coliseum could be on your wall. Choose the plains of the Serengeti in the bedroom, and a Mickey Mouse portrait in the kids’ room, with an inspiring view of the Lake District in the dining room. The choice is entirely yours.

Would you like to design for us?

Professional artists and designers wanted for our bespoke Designer Range.

Discover Radiart, exclusive collection of Bespoke Art  Radiators. Creative Radiators is looking to work with five more artists or designers like Ricardo Amore and offering them up to 25% commission on the sale of their designs. We would like to have an original collection of 25 designs from each artist that we can offer to our clients as pieces of art, combined with a radiant heat eco-compliant radiator.

Our clients for these ranges would be large hotel chains, big companies, mansion and estate houses, and exclusive penthouse apartments. If you are an artist, sculptor or interior designer and would like to have your own named, branded designer range then please get in touch with us right away!

Please contact us directly on 0843 2896967 or drop us a line via our contact page providing as much information as you can.

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