Let there be light! Mono-Light Lighting and heating.

Lighting and heating are two easy ways to improve the energy efficiency of your business. When you are creating the perfect interior design, every piece of wall space is valuable. Not just for furniture, but to define space and provide the optimum backdrop for your features. So, losing half a wall to an ugly radiator and sacrificing the best place for a painting, artwork, or lighting fixture can really spoil the whole look and effect of your room.

Now, there is a completely new solution Mono-light. Imagine an electric radiator that looks like a piece of art and doubles as an LED up-light or down-light. You have imagined one of our spectacular new Creative Radiators called ‘mono-light’.

Mono-Light by Creative Radiators looks like a pieve of art


Creative Radiators MONO-LIGHT sets the mood.

Now you can define space, accenting your architectural features combined with state-of-the-art, radiant-heat electric radiators cleverly back-lit with LED lighting. This will enhance your mood while keeping you as warm as toast using 30% less energy than your old-style heating!

Introducing the fabulous Mono-Light.

Our fabulous Mono-Light is designed in Italy and will inspire your interior design into a completely new perspective. Combining bespoke heating with low energy LED lighting is the height of fashion and is also fully compliant with ECO-Design Lot 20 Regulations – Europe’s highest possible accreditation.

Quick and easy to install with just two brackets and a standard plug into a socket that can be fitted to the wall behind the unit. No floors to lift, no pipes to burst, no annual safety checks. In fact, once you have installed them, they are totally maintenance free and guaranteed for 10 years. Customer requirements are met in our latest designs providing heating, and light using modern radiant technology whilst remaining environmentally friendly.

Mono-Light by Creative Radiators is easy to install, shown here installed in a kitchen setting


MONO-LIGHT gives a new perspective to your interior.

Our Mono-Light heating solution is a totally new design combining bespoke heating, LED lighting and a new perspective to your interior design.

Mono-Light provides a heating and lighting solution that can suit a wide range of commercial and home applications such as restaurants, casinos, offices, hotels and home settings. The size and shape are perfectly flexible and each radiator light is fully compatible with a wireless control system called My-Sense, allowing you to programme each panel, in each room, from wherever you are in the world. Mono-Light use radiant technology to product a healthier energy-efficient heat. Its slim design incorporates an innovative built in led lights,

Creative Radiators designer radiators in Bedroom london


Lighting and heating by Creative Radiators

Designer radiators are both practical and attractive, and there’s a choice to fit in with any home décor, we would recommend contacting us so one of our specialist staff can help and advise you in making your Mono-Light a successful heating choice.

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