Heating system choices if you don’t have gas

Living in the countryside is much better for your health than living in a city-centre. Less petrol and diesel fumes, bigger gardens, country walks with the family dog and growing your own fruits and kitchen vegetables. But what are your choices of heating systems living in a rural location with no gas supply? 

Pietra electric radiator by Creative Radiators
Pietra electric radiator by Creative Radiators

Oil, Lpg Fired Boiler or Electric Heating 

Oil-fired systems haven’t changed much in the last few decades, installation from scratch is tricky and expensive. The UK Government has recently announced that new gas boiler installations will be phased out as soon as 2025. Installing a gas heating system is expensive. Particularly if you’re not on the Grid – when it might not be possible at all, Gas is a fossil fuel, so burning it contributes enormously to CO2 global warming and climate change.

Electric radiator systems have made huge technological advances in the last decade, and although several rural homes may not be on the gas mains supply, all homes can connect to the electricity grid. so here are the important factors to consider and the differences between oil-fired and electric (Creative Radiators) heating to help you to make an informed choice. Increasingly, electricity is being generated from renewable, sustainable sources, which is great news for the environment. This makes electricity the most eco-friendly of the 3 fuels we’re comparing.

Comparison table Oil, Lpg v Creative Radiators

Oil Fired and LPG Boilers Creative Radiators
Team of 3 men 1 week 1 man for 1/2 day
Cost of
One-off cost but needs a boiler
to make them work & a tank of oil.
One-off cost with no
additional extras
Cost of
£1,500 to £2,000 Not needed
Energy use
No, Oil is a Fossil Fuel and
will be illegal in due course 
can use solar panels,
wind or water turbine and National Grid
Eco Design
‘Lot 20’
Not compliant Fully compliant 
10 years
Every year, certificate, repairs
and maintenance costs
None, fully guaranteed for 10 years 
ServicingAnnual Service NeededNone required
RepairsWet heating systems will
always need repairs at joints,
under floors, outside pipes
Not Needed
Oil, log
Tank Cost
buy or rent
Major capital expense to buy,
some companies will rent an
oil tank for an annual fee
Not needed
Fire Risk of Oil, Lpg
Oil & Lpg tank is a fire hazard,
and must comply with Fire
Regulations & distance from
the property
Not an issue
Theft risk of OilOil tank must be secured
against theft of oil in a
secure enclosure
Yes, need to add the cost of
taking a day off work for an
engineer to attend
Not needed
Check Cost
Yes, oil safe certification required annuallyNot Needed
Possible water leak damageYes, flowing water systems will wear
away joints & need replacing
Not possible
Expensive, The trend for fossil
fuel is going up 
Not an issue, green
energy is getting
energy cost
Minimum oil delivery is £1,000 paid upfront in full Paid monthly according to use. No advance costs
Risks of
running out
Regular checks needed to ensure oil, Lpg doesn’t run out and waiting
time for delivery in winter. 

Heating controls and temperature settings

Take control of your heating. Another huge difference between oil-fired and Electric Creative-Rads is the heating controls and temperatures settings.

Creative Radiators designer radiators wifi ECODESIGN thermostat
With Creative Radiators, you can zone your heating using our EcoDesign thermostat

With Creative Radiators, you can zone your heating, basically control every radiator separately and independently from each other, so you can have grandma’s bedroom at 22.1 degrees, Johnnie’s bedroom at 19.5 degrees, and the dining room radiator on a background setting of 12 degrees except for 2 hours to eat from 6pm to 8pm, and the lounge set to come on at 7pm until 11pm. With oil-fired heating, you will only have every radiator On or Off, and no way of setting a precise temperature for each room. 

Additionally, Creative Radiators are all Wi-Fi- connected and you can turn them on or off, and up or down via a smartphone app, or on your laptop, on the train on the way home from the office. Using the smart heating APP is the most effective way to track your energy use, and reduce bills, saving energy, keeping you warm, and much better for the environment. 

You can live happily in a rural countryside setting, knowing that you are reducing the carbon footprint and helping the UK targets for green energy…

What could be a better choice? 

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