Wi-fi Electric Heating & Science Fiction

Many things in science fiction films, books, and TV from 20 and 30 years ago, have now become science facts.  Even though 20 years ago, they were only the product of the writer’s imagination. But this is how science moves forward, by having an idea and trying to make it work.

Look at Marconi, who wanted to make a machine that would ‘speak to people’ in their own homes, from a voice recording by one man in one place. Radio is now a part of normal life. Or the HAL computer on 1999 A Space Odyssey, where a man speaks to a computer screen and asks it a question, and the screen answers. Now Google Assistant, and Alexa are fitted to many TV screens and people ask it questions every day, and the answers are scanned from vast data in milliseconds, and the ‘machine’ gives a vocal reply.

There are many more examples such as: 3D Printers – from Star Trek Replicators, cell phones – from Star Trek Communicators, Electric submarines – from Jules Verne books, growing body parts- from horror films, virtual reality, credit cards – spending money without carrying any, Personal Access Display Devices on Star Trek – now our touch screen iPads, eye pupil or fingerprint security recognition – now used by laptops and mobile phones and of course, electric driverless cars – now being tested on our motorways.  There are many others…

Imagine the Future Smart Heating System

So now imagine a smart heating system that doesn’t need old fashioned water being pumped around the house under floorboards. Heating that delivers radiant heat instead of old fashioned convection heat, heaters that look like pieces of Art on the wall , and not like ugly pieces of rusting steel covering the lower walls, and each wall mounted heater being plugged in to a normal socket, with the ability to use green energy made from the solar panels on your own roof. Well, this is all now Science fact.

Walt Disney’s Smart House is here..

In 1999 there was a children’s Disney channel movie that was called ‘Smart House’ and had an inbuilt robot that controlled the temperature in every room, turned on and off the lights, opened the electric blinds and garage door, and told you if you were using too much heating or energy. Well, this is also now a science fact, and every individual Creative Radiator is now fitted with its own ‘smart APP’ that connects to the IOT (Internet of Things) via your own personal mobile dashboard, and tells you how to save energy, by turning down some radiators, turning some off when no one is in the room, and by only using heat in the occupied rooms, saving you energy, reducing your bills and all without you need to do anything at all. Safe, secure and in your control. GOOGLE PLAY On your device anytime, anywhere, discover what your Assistant can do.

Download the Comfort One app on the Google Play Store
GOOGLE Play – On your device anytime, anywhere. 

How is the temperature controlled? 

Every smart electric heater is designed to be thermo-efficient and uses the latest ecodesign technology to ensure the lowest consumption of energy with the highest performance of heat. The temperatures are controllable to the nearest 0.1 degrees and this can be different for each radiator in each room or zone, the user-friendly, intuitive wi-fi App control for your Smart Electric Heater gives you unprecedented control over your energy use and your comfort. Allowing different temperatures to be set for different times of the day, and for different days of the week, over a seven-day period. With CreativeRads it is easy to reduce your energy costs, whilst also making your heating system a bespoke design feature in your home! 

How much heat you need for a room ? 

If you would like to know the technical details of how this works, please contact us on 0843 289 6967 We offer a variety of services for the Creative Radiators community including Heating Calculation for the correct rooms wattage sizes, bespoke radiators designs. We have a list of approved, highly qualified installers who are based UK wide and have been trained by us. We can put you in touch with your nearest accredited installer, all services are free of charge.

Roman civilization with its piped hot water heating system is now extinct, and fossil fuel heating systems will soon be illegal; so, join the new world with the heating system of the future…. the Smart Electric Heaters.

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