How Electric Heating Systems Have Evolved.

Remember the old fashioned electric heaters that were too heavy to install upstairs, inefficient and completely impossible to control? 

Over 15 years ago Creative Radiators thought that technology needed to advance so temperature and time controls were necessary to propel the electric heating industry into the future. Leading to the design and creation of their well-known Italian Collection of efficient designer Radiators.

Creative Radiators, designer radiators with lights in a Bedroom

Comparing an old inefficient storage heater with the latest Creative Radiators systems is like comparing an old fashioned clay oven with a modern fan assisted top range oven. No more heating up old bricks that were invented to be made into brick walls.

Then came Controlling and Reducing Energy Use.

UK Housebuilding is stuck in a time specifying fossil-fuelled central heating systems under the misguided impression that gas is cheaper than electricity per kW Hour, that it is, therefore, a cheaper heating system to run. 

Being able to control the exact temperature and setting a timer for each radiator in separate individual rooms has slowly become the new ‘normal’ with homeowners benefitting from lower energy bills. This is due to more efficient and intelligent programmers and controls, and more recently with the addition of a Wi-Fi mobile App to control the electric heating from anywhere. 

This is now an affordable alternative to storage heaters, oil systems and LPG heated systems, in rural areas, offices, hotels, inner-city apartments and blocks of flats. Of course, all fully compliant with Building Regulations including Eco Design LOT 20 (2018 Energy Efficiency standard Legislation).

Then Interior Design became an important factor.

Again the Creative Radiators range responded quickly, with ultra-thin Italian stylish design. Available in a range of striking, exciting colours, these futuristic-looking vertical radiators look like a piece of art on the wall. Allowing homeowners to free up much more wall space. 

With no need to rip up all the floors to install them, they have quickly become the system of choice for renovation projects and extensions. Especially for garage and loft conversions for the growing need for home-offices, garden offices, and granny annex.

Ricardo Amore limited edition Designer Radiator ITALY

New Carbon Free Circular Economy Radiators. 

Made from recycled Marble powder a new breed of Electric Radiators has been patented, which are agglomerated with a patented radiant process to create beautiful and artistic stone radiators. Available in a variety of different colours, these radiators are totally carbon-free, eco-friendly, and fully recyclable back into its previous form of Marble powder. 

Getting away from old fashioned storage heaters, the Creative Radiators range not only boosts a fully programmable wireless Bluetooth thermostatic controls, along with the ability to use Home Automation. But now they look like pieces of art and sculpture on the wall, and nothing at all like old fashioned bulky heaters. 

Specifiers Can Now Tick Every Box. 

Whatever boxes you need to tick for your current project, whether its Eco Friendly, Lower Energy, Smart Home Automation, Intelligent Zoning, Compliance with EN, BS Standards, Ecodesign Lot 20 and Building Regs, innovative style and Interior Design.

Creative Radiators is a more elegant solution in every way. It adds value and style to any environment, with great heat conductivity, and a five-year warranty. With Creative Radiators, you really can have your cake and eat it!

We can advise on all your heating requirements for Domestic, Business, Housing or Commercial premises, giving you practical and honest advice. We also provide a free zoom Video consultation service; where our experienced Assessors will take time to discuss your requirements and provide a total specification for your project.

Feel free to book your Free 30 Minutes consultation and ask our experts to find out what you need. Call us on 0843 289 6967

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