Working from Home Economical Heating Solution.

If you work from home in one room, the winter can be an expensive time for heating, so here is a simple heating solution that can be installed into any home, no matter what central heating system you have.

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Home Office Heating Solution

Home Office Heating Solution

Many homes have gas, or oil central heating system, and switching the 25KW boiler on all day, just to heat one room in your home-office, leads to a huge winter heating bill. Even if you turn off every other radiator in the home, you are still left with the boiler chugging away, just to heat one room. 

With non-compliant, inefficient storage heating, the room starts off warm, and by lunch-time, is already beginning to get cold enough for adding another jumper, or short bursts of a fan heater. By the late afternoon, it is positively cold, and the fan heater stays on, using up a vast amount of electricity. 

But there is a heating solution that is cheap to install, easy to fix, and is very economical to run… 

All you need is a Creative Radiators electric radiator installed in your home-office room, that you switch on, and set to your preferred comfort temperature. 

Once reached the desired comfort set temperature the radiator will keep the room exactly to the comfort degree you choose, switch itself on and off all day and without having to put the 25 Kw central heating boiler on at all.

In the evening, when your whole house heating system starts up, it will just switch itself off, and stay off, while the room is at the temperature you need. 

So one 1400-watt electric radiator will use on average 12p* unit of electricity per hour, and you can keep warm all day for under £1.20 per day*. A great idea for people who are self-employed and working from home. No floors to lift, no pipes to lay, just 4 screws in the wall with a couple of brackets, a plug socket, and download the free Creative radiator App a revolutionary way of controlling room by room your electric heating system from any mobile devices.

Creative Radiators are up to 25 per cent more efficient than traditional storage heaters
Working from Home Economical Heating Solution

Home Office Heating Solution

In addition to a full-time job, many people now have a second income from a ‘bedroom business’ perhaps a craft business, making things at home to sell, and selling online via eBay or Etsy. Sole Traders and small businesses also operate from their home environments, perhaps in the spare room or converting the garage into a home-office, or by building an extension with an office. 

There is also a growing market for wooden log cabin style offices being built in the garden, with no need for complicated and time-consuming planning processes and building regulations. Log cabin offices are sturdy and robust; they’re perfectly suited for year-round use. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a professional working environment without the cost of an extension.

This leads to the question of how to heat that one office room effectively and there are some different options:

Call in the plumbers, and extend (when possible) your existing gas central heating with extra radiators. This involves floors up, more pipes to the boiler, and 2 or 3 days of labour costs. Or if your room already has a radiator, you will need to switch on the whole system to heat just one room. Electric fan heaters are expensive to run for anything more than a quick burst of heat, so here is a brilliant alternative: 

Working from Home Economical Heating Solution from Creative Radiators: 

  • Buy 1 or 2 radiators, no big expense
  • Easy to install, 4 holes, 2 brackets and hang on the wall
  • Uses any 13 amp socket. No installation or labour costs
  • Designer radiators that provide fast radiant heat
  • Controllable temperature to 0,1 of a degree
  • Cheap to run uses up to 35% less energy than a storage heater
  • No need to heat the whole house, 1 room-specific
  • On when you are working – off when you are not.

UK Company based in Thetford but we deliver and install UK wide with up to 5 years peace of mind warranty. Why not give us a call to discuss your needs.

* Please note this is the result based on pilot tests performed under particular circumstances and environment , however a number of elements contribute to this energy consumption and should be considered. 1The level, and type of insulation in the floors, walls, and roof space. 2.The number of windows, and type of glazing installed.  3.The type of property – ie. bungalow, end-terrace, detached, top- floor apartment etc.  4.The property configuration – the size, the number of exterior north-facing walls, ceiling heights etc.5.The geographical location of the property – ie. In the north or south, and how exposed the position is.6.The electricity tariff that is chosen. 7. The outside temperature.8.The duration of heat requirement for each room. 9. The required room temperature that is set at the thermostat. 10.The level of occupancy. 11.The lifestyle of the occupants.

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