Italian Designer Radiators

Add style to any interior with our Italian Designer Radiators. Creative Radiators has one of the best online collections of Italian designer radiators.

With exclusive designs created by Italian designers for Creative Radiators, it is easy to choose your favourite style. Make a bold aesthetic statement to your interior design and use art and function in a dramatic and powerful way. 

We have put together one of the best online collections of aesthetically pleasing, decorative and top performing designer radiators. Bespoke Italian designed products that will enhance your interior design to blend in with your colour scheme and choice of shapes. 

Designer Radiators with top performance and trending style

The Creative Radiators collection represents the most advanced online collection of high performing radiators, created by Italian designers to be decorative, and artistic, in a choice of colours and shapes to enhance your interior design and promote your individuality.

Utilising the self-regulating, flexible heating element, which is embedded in the radiator core, deliver natural radiant heat into your room. Radiators don’t need to be boring, flat, white and rectangular ever again. They can be a feature on your wall as functional artistic shapes and colours.

Which is the most efficient Designer Radiator

One of the main question is do they give good heat, or do they sacrifice performance for good looks? Our products are surprisingly performant on just how much heat the radiators produce, with the smallest vertical radiator (550 x 860 mm, giving up in the region of 2000 BTU and the largest (550 x 180 0mm) giving up close to 5500 BTU.

As a Designer radiator manufacturers we opted for a smarter design to maximise the physics of radiant heat surfaces, this means more consistent heat while using less energy. There are 5 models to choose from the classic range, and it’s fairly easy for us to do some correct calculations to pick which one is the best fit for the size of room it will occupy.

Regardless of which model you choose, rest easier knowing that our user-friendly Italian Designer Radiators are builds to last. You don’t even need to hire professional help to handle the full installation, the mounting bracket is quite simple to hang even with modest DIY experience, With a modest price point, our radiators further justify your investment with significant long-term savings relative to any other types of space heaters.

Pietra italian designer electric stone radiator by Creative Radiators
The Pietra – Italian Designer Radiator

Think differently

Think about a highly efficient system of electric radiators using a flexible, yet durable thermal technology that provides the luxury of radiant warmth using around 30% less energy than a standard electric radiator. Combine this with a bespoke Italian designed and it will enhance your interior design, blending with your colour scheme. Our radiators can accommodate a variety of different shapes & sizes,

The foremost of Creative Radiators range is the adaptive Eco start function, which “self learns” what time it needs to start warming up the room to reach the desired temperature you’ve set precisely at the time you’ve set it.

Bringing Art Nouveau décor to life with circular designs, adding squares and rectangles to minimalist décor and bold geometrics to Art Deco interiors, the choice and application is as wide as your imagination.

The cost-effective and simple installation process means that our radiators are now affordable in towns and cities. They simply plug into any electric socket meaning that rural homes without a gas supply can now benefit from this luxury style of heating.

Be unique

Allow your imagination to customise your choice of size, colour and shape of our radiators, making your rooms unique.

Be playful in the kid’s rooms with bright colours and stars and moon shapes, be formal in the dining room with wood tones and stone surface textures, be extravagant in the sitting room with bold shapes and dramatic colours and be tranquil in the bedrooms with pale blues and greys.

Choose horizontal or vertical, add one, two or three in a row, or create a bold talking point – the choice of design and colour is up to you. Together, Creative Radiators and you will make your home warm, eco-friendly, and a living statement of your individuality!

Radiant Heat Explained

Heating by Creative Radiators® is very different from the old-fashioned type of electric radiators. We use a process known as radiant heat which delivers a completely uniform heat over the surface of the radiator, which is transmitted into the room using waves of heat, in the same way as the sun transmits its heat to the earth. Radiant heat is widely regarded as the most comfortable, healthiest and most natural form of heating available today.

The Secret behind Italian Designed Electric Radiators

The science behind radiant heat means that the heat waves transferred from your Creative Radiator will travel in every direction in the room; heating whatever is in its path as heat is emitted from the whole surface area of the electric radiator, This means that your body received direct heat and is a totally different process to the old-fashioned convection heat method, which just heats the air in the room.

The benefit of radiant heat is that the room will reach a uniform temperature – set by you – and occupants feel a comforting glow of well-being; just like lying by the pool in the summer sunshine.

Marmo designer Radiator by Creative Radiators 1
Italian Designed Electric Radiators

Technology with its own Patent

Behind the scenes at Creative Radiators are two Italian electronics engineers who have been designing electric heating products for over twenty-one years. This brand-new technology they have created has now been Patented worldwide and being adopted in new-builds, as well as for replacing old gas systems and outdated brick-filled storage heaters.

The modus operandi of Creative Radiators is similar to that of any successful racing car: to design it specifically to use less energy while giving out maximum performance exceeding the performance of any competitor. Read more about here.

But, most importantly, it must also be kind to the environment and use circular economy processes wherever possible to reduce waste and maximise sustainability.

The extensive research and development journey of Creative Radiators began in a laboratory, where this innovative approach to heating systems was invented and then put into production.

A whole new concept for the design of a heating system.

Choosing the right design

Creative Radiators are a dream come true for any interior designer. With twenty-four colours, a range of different sizes, wattage, and shapes, and a choice of different textured surfaces, there are almost limitless in options.

But what isn’t an option, is the Italian design concept that turns every electric radiator into a creative feature in your home adding beauty and drama to any colour scheme and design theme.

Why not browse through our brochure to discover some of our designs and see for yourself how they can transform any room, doing away with the old-fashioned ugly white steel radiators that take up valuable wall space with monotonous regularity. Over the years, we’ve encountered many customers with heating challenges, we can offer heating solutions for many issues that make it difficult to create a comfortable home or office.

Contact us to receive a personalised quotation based on your room sizes, or speak to one of our designers who can advise you about making your choice. 

Now the only limit is your own imagination… described in the video below

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