What is a marble radiator?

Marble radiators are the real modern, efficient electric heating alternative to old bricks, aluminium, steel and cast iron radiators.

Marble radiators bring electric heating into the 21st century, the marble stone is crushed before being reformed into a unique material to provide an exceptional diffusion of thermal energy, A brand new material, made possible through the reuse of marble powder raised from our passion for Made in Italy design.

contemporary radiators with LED light by Creative Radiators
Marble radiators are the real modern, efficient electric heating.

Marble having good heat retention properties makes it an efficient way of heating your home that many modern heating radiators do not possess. 

CreativeRads combine recycled stone materials, with new, technologically advanced production processes, enabling infinite architectural design possibilities, whilst always respecting indissoluble, environmental values. It is now obvious, that only a sustainable philosophy, and responsible conduct, will allow us to preserve resources for future generations.

FIVE Reason to chose Marble Radiators 

1 – Sustainable and Patented Heating Technology 

CreativeRads marble powder radiators are the product of exclusive production processes and dedicated patented systems. The marble powders, a natural waste of the cutting process, are agglomerated using only cold water and special thickeners. They are hand cast in moulds and left to rest for at least four days in order to separate the moisture from the marble agglomerate. The protective coating is then applied with water-based,environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable products.

Creative Radiators manufactured from marble dust
Sustainable and Patented Heating Technology 

2 – Zero Energy 

CreativeRads minimises its environmental impact thanks to its innovative manufacturing process that reduces energy needs: recovered marble powder and water-based binders are agglomerated without using heat. At the end of their life- cycle CreativeRads products are 100% recyclable. At the end of their life-cycle, after separating the marble from the heating elements, the CreativeRads radiant panels are crushed to powder by mechanical compression and 100% recycled to be re-used in other applications. This creates materials capable of regenerating themselves and because the process of manufacturing is performed at low temperature, the amount of energy used is minimal.

3 – Our wellbeing

Traditional radiators transfer heat by convection which heats the air causing it to increase in volume and rise. This process facilitates movement of dust, promoting the onset of allergies in sensitive people. CreativeRads exploits radiant heat technology. By transferring heat radiantly, CreativeRads radiators do not move any dust, keeping the air clean.

CreativeRads exploit radiant heat technology. Heating by radiant energy is observed every day, the warmth of the sunshine being the most commonly observed example, Using the principles of radiant heat to transfer energy from an emitting heat source to an object, heat is distributed evenly and uniformly.

Creative Radiators are also a powerful ally against allergies. Traditional “radiators” transfer heat by convection, causing the circulation of air from lower to upper areas of the room. This process facilitates the movement of dust, mould, bacteria and dust mites, promoting the onset of allergies in sensitive people. By transferring heat directly from the surface by radiation without convection, Creative Radiators do not move any dust, keeping the air clean.

Marble radiators - radiant heat how it works
Marble radiators – radiant heat how it works

4 – Energy Savings 

CreativeRads panels can be used in conjunction with renewable energy like solar panels. By converting the Sun’s radiation into usable electricity, a PV system allows the CreativeRads panels to produce energy at zero cost.Thinking of future generations, CreativeRads sustainability, guarantees ‘zero kilometres products’, to further reduce the already minuscule carbon footprint. All materials and components used to manufacture our products are sourced from Italian companies and are 100% Made in Italy. 

5 – Simple to install

We make our partners’ customers life easier thanks to a simple and fast application and installation system, design for any kind of environment. With IPX4 protection, CreativeRads products have a high degree of resistance to humidity, therefore suitable for bathrooms, yet, they are totally emission-free. Our Radiators are also equipped with an intelligent thermostat that can be programmed weekly and daily. This function allows you to adjust the temperature according to your living comfort, avoiding unnecessary waste in low-consumption periods.

Any Image, Any colour…

Creative Radiators can be used in any room and are eco friendly
customising your electric radiator

In the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, basement and even the cellar CreativeRads are an indispensable presence. Reconciling aesthetics and purity, shape and volume, visibility and discretion CreativeRads can be personalised in a variety of colours and finishes. An image of your choice can be printed on the radiator’s surface making it possible to transform the radiator into a picture, print or painting, a distinctive feature which combines the heating function with personal design.

By so customising your radiator it can complement your furnishings, or even blend with your wallpaper. Attention to the environment and sustainability are the principles on which CreativeRads entire philosophy is based. This is also reflected in the materials used to customise the panels. The colours are water based, fixed with bio compatible UV rays and free of fumes.

Need Help choosing the right wattage ?
Looking for a specific Designer Radiator, Vertical Radiator or Bespoke Decorative Radiator? we are here to help how to calculate the correct heating requirement.

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